Sharing seeds

PCC Activity: Spring/Summer Seeds Sharing

Sunday 28/08/2016

10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Address: upon registration Register here

What to expect?

  • Bring your personal collection of seeds to share
  • Raid other people’s seeds box!
  • Share a meal (brunch type), stories, tips and advice
  • Arrive on time, leave on time! (we’ve got loads to do on our farm! :) )

What to bring?

  •  Your personal collection of seeds
  • Enveloppes
  • A chair
  • Garden gloves
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Farm-appropriate shoes
  • A plate of wholefood to share (think ‘brunch’)
  • BYO cup, plate & cutlery
  • Gold coins for donation or purchase of farm produce


Fermenting kit

Information Evening – Fermenting

Guest Speaker: Gillian Kozicki

Permaculture is a lifestyle choice – a way of thinking, being and designing; of living in harmony with your surroundings in an ecologically sustainable manner. As an approach to life, it is logical, practical and mimics natural systems.

Cultured Artisans focuses within this permaculture journey on the skills for preserving some of the produce from this lifestyle and enhancing their probiotic properties. In the process the byproducts include reducing waste, increasing health benefits and continuing to strengthen a sense of community.

We provide unforgettable experiences using natural abundance to create healthy foods and drinks. We introduce the basic skills to build people’s confidence and knowledge so they can in time, add their individual creativity and flair to each ferment. Continue reading Information Evening – Fermenting

Natural Building by IBD

Information Evening – Natural Building and Changing Perceptions

Guest Speakers: William Eastlake and Kenney LeMire

How do we perceive the state of the housing and building industry today and is it moving in the right direction? What are the driving principals guiding this direction, are they really in our best interest and that of the planet?

What is the perception of earth building today? Is it accessible, acceptable and affordable?

Should we be living within our wants, or within our needs? Can we have both?

What is good design and how can it help? Continue reading Information Evening – Natural Building and Changing Perceptions

Seed Bank being refilled

Our Seed Bank is open for trade

Working hand-in-hand with THEDIG is the clubs’ seed bank. Members are encouraged to bring surplus seeds as a contribution in exchange for 1 or 2 packets of seed of their choice from the seed bank. Please see Steve Smallbone before the information night ( 4pm – 7pm every 3rd Tuesday of the month ) for deposits and withdrawls. We are in need of a volunteer to assist Steve and to take reponsibility for seed bank management after the formal part of each information night.

Compost Happens logo for featured image

Information Evening – Living with Less Chemicals

Guest Speaker: Teresa Rutherford

Teresa, from Compost Happens, was our guest speaker 4 years ago. By popular demand, she’s back again with her awesome tips.

This evening is designed to encourage people to rethink their attitudes and behaviors towards the use of toxic chemicals in and around the home and on themselves.

It shows participants how easy it is to use non-toxic cleaning practices and non toxic personal care products can still look and feel good. See how easy it is to reduce the chemicals used in the home and on you. As consumers each one of us has the power to make a contribution to a healthier future for our families. Continue reading Information Evening – Living with Less Chemicals