November meeting: AGM followed by mini-workshops

Permaculture Central Coast has been promoting the cause for many years and is useful to many people.  At its helm are interested and engaged people who have families, jobs, businesses, homes, farms and animals just like you.  These people are able to cope with their executive positions in their spare time but some have been doing so for quite a long time so would appreciate a break. Every year all the positions are declared vacant and nominations are called for.  Please consider nominating for a position because new people can bring fresh ideas. We definitely welcome and need new blood and new ideas.  It doesn’t matter if you have never done this sort of thing before because the present office bearers will be happy to give you any help you ask for.
Please consider this but even if you do not wish to nominate please don’t let it keep you from the last Information Night of the year.

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After the AGM, we have 6 speakers who have volunteered to run mini-workshops on these topics :

  • Sourdough bread making
  • Design a fruit guild
  • Dehydrating fruit, veg and other
  • Making lip balms, deodorant etc
  • Making paper beads and paper gift bags
  • Growing gourmet mushrooms
We won’t have time to consequently run these mini-workshops in one evening. So we’ll run them 3 times in parallel, like we did 2 years ago. This means that you can only attend 3 workshops so choose your topics carefully !
If there’s enough interest, we may run another series of mini-workshops next year.

Information Evening: Fair Food Week

Guest speaker: Mark Brown

Mark Brown
Mark Brown

Mark is a farm manager and educator at Purple Pear Farm near Maitland in the Hunter Valley. He became involved with the ASFA at its inception when Dr Nick Rose invited a group of farmers and food activists to comment on the manifesto he had put together. This was followed by a planning session in Randwick to frame the direction for the group. With his partner Kate, Mark has been involved in Community Supported Agriculture at Purple Pear Farm and has been an active participant in Slow Foods Hunter Valley, Permaculture Hunter and the Hunter Organic growers as well as Hunter Biodynamic Group activities and administration.

The Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance has grown out of a need to ensure we maintain not only food security but ownership or sovereignty of our food. Pressure from governments and corporations to control the food system has tried to take away that access to the most basic of human needs. The Government White Paper on food distribution showed us that the small players were not being considered and the peoples food plan was established as a way to inform Government of the desires of the community. The group has been modelled to an extent on the International Peasant Farmers movement “LaVia Campesina” and has recently produced a movie highlighting the positive actions of small producers in the Australian Food Industry.


Tuesday, 20th October, 6.30pm for a 7.00pm start


Tuggerah Hall, Anzac Road, Tuggerah, directly opposite Hungry Jacks – within easy walking distance of Tuggerah Railway Station.

School Holiday Perma-Playdate

Date(s) – 20/09/2015
10:30 am – 2:30 pm

Valley’s End Permaculture Homestead & Farm

What to expect?

  • fun day out for kids (and kids at heart!)
  • gardening craft, bug hunt, gardening
  • shared lunch
  • parents/guardians supervision is required!

 What to bring?

  • Hat, sunscreen, farm appropriate shoes
  • A plate to share

Please seriously consider car pooling – use the comments box to engage with one another.

This is a member only events.

Wanna join us? Check out our membership page. We’re a fine bunch of people! ?

Click here to book.

Joint activity with Permaculture Hunter

Come and join our first ever joint meeting, lunch and activity with Permaculture Hunter.


Sunday 30 August 2015
From 11.30am to 2.30pm

What to expect?

  • hands-on activity: how to build a herb and flower spiral
  • guided visit at the community garden
  • shared lunch


 What to bring?

  • Hat, sunscreen, sturdy shoes, working gloves
  • A plate to share


Where to go?

Uniting “Church in the Trees”
10 Stockton Street, Morisset
Google map:


Please seriously consider car pooling

Information Evening – Bush Tucker

Guest Speaker: Jake Cassar

Jake Cassar
Jake Cassar

Jake is a passionate conservationist and bush craft teacher specializing in edible and medicinal native and introduced plants. Jake is fast becoming known as one of the foremost authorities on edible and medicinal plants and was recently referred to as a “Bush Tucker Guru” by the Daily Telegraph. Jake has spent most of life fine tuning his survival knowledge in what he calls “The University of the Bush”. Jake has taught himself much of what he knows through personal experience going out and living off the land for weeks at a time and from his extensive amount of books and documentaries he has acquired (over 20 years) on native and exotic plants and their traditional uses. Jake has spent literally hundreds of nights in the Australian bush and has been blessed to spend time with much respected elders in NSW and Central and Western Australia. Jake has also given presentations along with well known people in Botany/conservation such as Les Robinson, Alan Fairley and Costa Georgiadis (Gardening Australia). Always accompanied by his canine counterpart, “Benson” the Staffy Cross, Jake has performed bush tucker presentations, tours and camps for a variety of community groups and organisations. Some of these include presentations and/or tours for Pre-Schools, Primary and High Schools T.A.F.Es, Sydney (Western) and Newcastle Universities, Cubs, Scouts and Venturers, Army Survival Instructors, Gosford Show, Peats Ridge Festival, Dragon Dreaming Festival, Subsonic Festival, R.E.G.E.N and many more. Continue reading Information Evening – Bush Tucker

July Information Evening: Temperate Fruit Trees

Guest speakers: Peter & Silvia Allen

Since completing a PDC in 1995 Peter & Silvia have been building a Permaculture demonstration site on what was a 100 year old Cut flower farm in Olinda above Melbourne. The 15 acre property now has over 1000 varieties of fruiting plants from apples- avocadoes. This is all managed by the milking sheep, goats and Llama as well as all the rare breed poultry.

From here they run PDC’s plus classes in Cheese making, Cider & fruit wines, Heritage Fruits classes, Biodynamics and units of the Diploma of PC that Peter partnered Virginia to get started at Eltham College in 2008 just to name a few.

Pete the Permie

Continue reading July Information Evening: Temperate Fruit Trees

Managing change (and disaster) the permaculture way

Dear all,

Last month’s activity had to be cancelled due to the storm and it is now back on the agenda!

cycleNo permaculture design or disaster planning is useful unless it is implemented upon.

So, what is on paper needs to be translated into actions.

Then, from actions arise feedback, which in turn feed into more actions.

That is permaculture. And our systems need to be able to manage change and use it. Without this capacity, our systems fail and the cycling loop comes to a halt.

This is what this month activity is going to be all about. Hope you can join us. See event details here.

Go well,