Managing change (and disaster) the permaculture way

Dear all,

Last month’s activity had to be cancelled due to the storm and it is now back on the agenda!

cycleNo permaculture design or disaster planning is useful unless it is implemented upon.

So, what is on paper needs to be translated into actions.

Then, from actions arise feedback, which in turn feed into more actions.

That is permaculture. And our systems need to be able to manage change and use it. Without this capacity, our systems fail and the cycling loop comes to a halt.

This is what this month activity is going to be all about. Hope you can join us. See event details here.

Go well,


FREE Lantana Management Workshop

Together with the Local Land Services, I will host and facilitate a free lantana management workshop for lanholders. This workshop will showcase a range of techniques used to control lantana on sensitive and ‘difficult’ sites including riparian areas, steep gullies and native forest edges.


9am – 2pm, Friday 22nd May 2015
Jilliby (Address provided on registration)
Lunch and morning tea provided
Please wear covered shoes and bring your hat, sunscreen and rain jacket.

An integrated approach to lantana management will be demonstrated including the selection of control techniques appropriate for each site and post-removal maintenance for successful suppression of regrowth. Topics covered will include:

  • Selection of appropriate method of control.
  • Primary weeding using both manual and chemical control.
  • Secondary weeding techniques – efficient management of the site post lantana removal.
  • Correct disposal of removed lantana material.

The workshop aims to increase the confidence and skills of participating landholders and will enable them to evaluate each technique and its suitability for use at their own site.

Limited spaces are available. To register and for more information see details on flyer: LANTANA workshop May 22

About Sunday event

From Alexia, the host for Sunday event

Dear all,

I am writing from the library.

Since the Tuesday storm, we’ve got no power, no phone, no mobile coverage and until yesterday we were isolated by floods and trees on roads. It’s like we’re back in the 19th century, cooking over woodstoves, eating what’s in the garden (and the slowly defrosting freezer too!), lighting with oil lamps and candles and bathing with camping showers!

We’ve got a lot of cleaning up to do and I don’t anticipate our place to be ready for Sunday – so I’ll have to cancel it.

So until I connect again at the library wifi, the only way to contact me is with smoke signals or pigeons. Or leave a message on the comments below.

But again, we’re all ok here and spirits are high.

One thing I must add and that I hope you will read: it’s good to be prepared and permaculture has surely proven to work in a case like this freak storm – we’ve got shelter, food, fuel and we’re barely noticing that the power or phones are gone. In short, we’re happy as Larry. This is giving me tons of activities ideas for PCC so stay put

PS: have you got a heavy duty chainsaw to lend? 😉


The PCC stand had a good number of visitors at the Ecoburbia festival. Thank you to all the members who volunteered on the stand.

Setting up the stand


Practical brochures are popular


Good floral display despite the small allocated space


Permaculture Chat – April

How quickly the year is going!! Hard to imagine that it is already April and Easter has come and gone and quite a wet one it was. Well it must be said for wet weather that it makes a much easier job of weeding.

I hope that you are all enjoying The PCC Information Nights and the Activities that have so far occurred. Speaking of Talks those of you who were inspired by Diego Benetto to have a go at munching weeds may like to further enhance your knowledge by logging onto website which has all manner of interesting stuff such as information about easy ways to crack Bunyah nuts and how to eat them, how to use chick weed, prickly pear and nettles. It also has other info about planting garlic so you might find it an interesting read.

According to those who attended the Activity at Jean’s place it was a really good day and the sorting and saving of seeds was a worthwhile and enjoyable activity. This is something that we should all try to facilitate by saving seeds from our own gardens. Linda is a super saver of seeds and has shared many seeds with us. We need to copy her good habits.


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April activities: two events to pencil in

What is Deep Ecology? What has it and Permaculture got in common? Guest speaker John Seed will tell us all about it at our information evening night (Tuesday 21 April). Join us and bring a plate of yummy wholefood to share!


The following Sunday, we’ll get a chance to tickle our brains again for an exploration of another permaculture principle. This time, we’ll brainstorm how “Creatively use and respond to change” can help the way we operate in life and how we manage our garden or our land. For this event, you need to sign up, either online here, or at our information evening night on Tuesday 21 April.

April Information Evening

Deep Ecology and Permaculture
Guest speaker: John Seed
When: Tuesday 21 April, 6.30pm for a 7.00pm start

April Members Activity

Permaculture Principles Explained: “Creatively use and respond to change”
Venue: Jilliby – to be confirmed upon registration
When: Sunday 26 April, 11am to 3pm