Information Evening – Soil and Climate Change

Guest Speaker: Peter Rutherford

Peter Rutherford, Senior Ecologist from Kimbriki Eco House & Garden Education Centre in Sydney, will speak about the role of soil, and its core component, HUMUS, in our urgent task of slowing down the rate of climate change.

Healthy Soils = Healthy Plants = Healthy People


Tuesday, 20th September, 6.30pm for a 7.00pm start Continue reading Information Evening – Soil and Climate Change

Fermenting kit

Information Evening – Fermenting

Guest Speaker: Gillian Kozicki

Permaculture is a lifestyle choice – a way of thinking, being and designing; of living in harmony with your surroundings in an ecologically sustainable manner. As an approach to life, it is logical, practical and mimics natural systems.

Cultured Artisans focuses within this permaculture journey on the skills for preserving some of the produce from this lifestyle and enhancing their probiotic properties. In the process the byproducts include reducing waste, increasing health benefits and continuing to strengthen a sense of community.

We provide unforgettable experiences using natural abundance to create healthy foods and drinks. We introduce the basic skills to build people’s confidence and knowledge so they can in time, add their individual creativity and flair to each ferment. Continue reading Information Evening – Fermenting